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Project Description
This project is for Another Blog engine, that has the latest Microsoft development technologies.
The main idea is to learn, practice and communicate these technologies. Jujuy ASP NET and THE ASP-BERRIES are two teams of students and teachers from Jujuy - Argentina who are in Microsoft Net Cell 2.0, and this project will be the work to do, of course we need to learn a lot.

We want to use:
Some goals are:
  • An engine with simple management
  • A full user interface, with Silverlight
  • A simple user interface, with AJAX

Project outlines:
  • Parameterization. With this we wanted to make sure the blog manager can configure the presentation of it, for a second stage we are planning to let readers can organize certain components that the owner makes available. To accomplish this we will use style sheets, skins, themes, master pages and webparts.
  • Satisfaction of the end user. This requires the use of latest technology available, we refer to AJAX and Silverlight. In fact this tools (development languages) are different, however there is a degree of compatibility and we try to incorporate both technologies.
  • Persistence in a database engine. Obviously one of Microsoft, and we intend to use LINQ.
  • Social Networks, Semantic Web and any interaction between applications that currently exists.

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